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The EQULS Recruiting App (pronounced same as “equals”) connects athletic talent with athletic opportunity. Our app allows athletes to create online athletic resumes including video, and stats, to showcase their talents and discover new playing opportunities. Athletes can broadcast highlights and playing updates (e.g. starting pitcher) to coaches and scouts, saving both parties valuable time.

Our app also provides coaches and scouts a free scheduling tool with notifications, a reporting interface for evaluating talent in a consistent manner, a messaging system for communicating and sharing information, and powerful player-search functionality for recruiting and evaluating prospects throughout the amatuer season.

The most successful companies in the world built businesses by getting customers to their end objective with minimal friction. Expedia did it for travel when they connected travelers to online airline and hotel listings. Zillow did it with real estate when they consolidated MLS information into an easy to use mobile-friendly interface. LinkedIn did it when they built a network for job seekers to create profiles, easily searched by companies looking to hire.

We are building a free network to create accessibility for players, reduce influence of predatory recruiting services, consolidate player information in an easy to use mobile interface, and provide coaches and scouts powerful search and reporting tools – with the ultimate goal of keep players engaged in the sport longer.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred was quoted in the Wall Street Journal saying, “The biggest predictor of fan avidity as an adult is whether you played the game.”

Our athlete-focused solution keeps kids playing longer and helps coaches and scouts find those players. Athletes can easily communicate with coaches and scouts in order to identify playing opportunities while simultaneously offering coaches and scouts a comprehensive player database and tools to help them more effectively evaluate and monitor players through real-time updates.

Revenue: This app will launch with revenue mechanisms in place. Basic features are available for no cost to primary customer types. As the network grows, we offer premium subscriptions increasing exposure for players and enhanced tools for coaches and scouts. We’ve created daily, monthly, and yearly subscriptions to allow even modest budgets to leverage the platform.

In addition to subscriptions we generate revenue through advertising solutions both programmatic and direct. We will also build tools for our secondary customers: team management, lead generation, professional profiles, etc.

User Acquisition

We’ve shared our beta version with high school athletes, colleges coaches, and professional scouts. Our beta version provides immediate utility; every member of the baseball community we’ve shared this product with has expressed interest in using it, paying for it, and encouraging their teammates or prospects to use it.
In addition to the network of college coaches and professional scouts, we will partner with showcases, tournaments, leagues, and organizations to offer this app to their participants or members.

Key Resources

With feedback from contacts in professional and amateur baseball, we have successfully built an Android beta of the app over the last 18 months. We’ve bootstrapped this project to get to proof of concept and are now positioned to make an immediate impact in the market.

Financial Ask

We seek a $600K seed investment in order to:

  • Build iOS Version
  • Build Desktop Interface
  • Complete Premium Features v1
  • Execute GoTo Market Plan
  • Acquisition Marketing
  • Support Staff

This seed round enables us to go to market in Q1 2018 for baseball and softball. This investment sustains our projected growth and anticipated burn rate for 12 months. We will have first mover advantage and be the largest baseball / softball network in the world in one year.

Partnership Ask

We’ve spent hours meeting with and soliciting feedback from athletes, coaches, and scouts, because we believe in building great products worth endorsing. We also understand the value of an active partner with an existing foothold in the market. Ideally we’ll have strategic partnerships with key influencers for athletes and coaches. An established partner enables us to avoid costly missteps by providing an open line of communication capable of influencing product development to better serve their customers or members.

Competitive Landscape

Recruiting services and pay-to-play showcases represent our greatest competition. We intend to dis-intermediate this entire industry by removing costs and friction created by their services. The current recruiting process often involves families hiring recruiting services to make calls (that go unanswered), or send emails (that are never read), or attend showcases with limited ineffective exposure. We don’t believe recruiting companies should control player information or schedules, athletes deserve a free platform to highlight their talents and notify coaches and scouts about when/where they’re playing.


Jordan Nilsen, Founder

  • Founder at HERO Sports (
  • Board Member at Bellevue Baseball Club (
  • 15 Years as digital marketer (HERO Sports, L’Oreal, Microsoft, Eddie Bauer)

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